Are formal dinners outdated?

A remarkable number of Rhodes University students in residence do not attend their dining halls’ formal dinners, bringing in to question what they are for:


Inspired by an author

When I was 11 years old I took my first shot at writing a novel. I managed a solid 40 pages before abandoning my masterpiece forever more. I have always dreamed of writing a book, but have never managed to complete the task. I suppose I am too much of a perfectionist.
That is why when South African author Jacob Dlamini said to me: “If you find a perfect book, you should be suspicious”, I realised where I had gone wrong.

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Transparent twists ideas of talent

When one thinks of dance, one imagines grace, beauty and discipline. Ester van der Walt’s Transparent, which showed at the Rhodes University Drama Department’s Box Theatre on the 24 and 25  July as part of the Best of Fest series, breaks all of these definitions, replacing them with comedy, self-reflection and, above all else, individual expression.

Van der Walt struggles throughout her career to emulate the artistry of those past performers she revered and studied. She references them throughout Transparent, from renowned dancers like Pina Bausch and Yvonne Rainer to contemporary performers like Yolandi Visser and Zooey Deschanel. She has always drawn inspiration from all of these and more, but her attempts to emulate their work have always seemed to fall short.

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To write is to fight language

Humans are trapped by language. We cannot communicate without it. There are many examples of this: When doing the Silent Protest, I get frustrated at the fact that I can’t talk to people for a full day; mime has become an increasingly unpopular art-form, and the butt of many a joke; when we create movies we make animals talk so that we can suppose to understand them.

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