To write is to fight language

Humans are trapped by language. We cannot communicate without it. There are many examples of this: When doing the Silent Protest, I get frustrated at the fact that I can’t talk to people for a full day; mime has become an increasingly unpopular art-form, and the butt of many a joke; when we create movies we make animals talk so that we can suppose to understand them.

But our own brains command incredibly sensitive fine motor skills, and an entire human nervous system, with no words or language at all. Lifetime lovers, inseparable twins, and mothers and their babies all connect and communicate with each other without words. Studies suggest that only 10% of human interaction and communication is contained in the words said. Surely then language is incredibly incomplete, and has perhaps even set humans back since the day the first apeman said a word.

Writing is entirely and solely dependent on language, and so may just be the most ineffective method of communication available to us, most separate from the innate humanity we have lost. However, we cannot reclaim that humanity without beating language at its own game, and so the search for real truth through language is what writing is – and always will be – aiming for.


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