I make the most important thing in the world: Meaning.

Read about my journey of discovering my role in the world, and the importance of it.

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Reading like a writer: An annotated reading list

My interests and style of writing revolve primarily around literature, reading and storytelling, and so these primarily informed my reading material this semester. My experience of the country-wide student protests that shook history this semester also led to me reading around the topic of storytelling in activism and social movements.

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We frame our own versions of the world

World-renowned South African photographer Jodi Bieber skips to the next photo in her presentation. It is of a public swimming pool in Orlando West, from her collection “Soweto“.

Orlando West Swimming Pool, Orlando West,  19 December 2009. PHOTO: Jodi Bieber

Orlando West Swimming Pool, Orlando West, 19 December 2009. PHOTO: Jodi Bieber

“You don’t see it here,” she tells the crowded room of journalism lecturers and students, “because I didn’t want to show it, but it’s a huge party.”

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The story of an unnamed man who jumped out of a tree to save my life

There is nothing more boring, pointless or vexing to a child than long car drives to nowhere. Unfortunately, this activity is something my dad particularly loved, especially when we would vacation to The Wild Coast over December holidays as a family.

It was the day after Christmas in 2004, and finer beach weather could not have been asked for in the Eastern Cape coastal town of Morgan Bay. My grandparents decided to stay in the holiday house for the day, still recovering from the previous day’s lunchtime engorgement. While 10-year-old me was in my baggy swimming trunks as soon as I arose, with a boogie-board in hand and swirling thoughts in mind.

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